Info FAQ’s
How Can I Book Online?
You start your reservation by filling in the details for – Pick up and Drop off Location, Date & Time – and you will have your quote instantly for all car types available. Select the car type of your choice, then select your optional extras and fill in your personal details. Confirmation will be instant and you will receive an email with the meet & greet details. For deliveries to the Airport please fill in your flight number. For deliveries to the Port, if you are coming from Igoumenitsa, please inform us of the Ferry Boat you will be coming with, so we can wait for you at the specific dock. For deliveries to Hotels/Apartments please fill in the Name of the Hotel or Apartment complex at the notes section.
Where Can I Pick Up And Drop Off My Car?
You can pick up and drop off your car anywhere in Corfu island. CFU Ioannis Kapodistrias international airport, the Ferry Port, any Hotel, Apartments complex or a specific location.
How Can I Find Where You Deliver For Free?
Generally we deliver and collect free, to any place in an approximate radius of 15 kilometers around Corfu. For greater distances there is an extra location fee charged according to the distance from Corfu Town. By selecting the location for pick up and drop off of the vehicle you will be able to see the location fee applied, if any.
Can I book by telephone?
You can book by telephone by dialing the standard lines: (+30) 26610 23700, (+30) 26610 33146 or mobile numbers at: (+30) 6976498282.
What options of payments do you offer for car hire?
With our main goal being client’s satisfaction, we always try to be flexible and able to offer a lot of options whether our customers are repeaters or visiting Corfu for vacation, leisure, or business. Therefore clients can select between several options. Prepay by credit card (Visa, Mastercard) through the Alpha Bank secure system, and have a 5% discount on the total car hire amount instantly. Prepay by dedit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro) through the Alpha Bank secure system, and have a 5% discount on the total car hire amount instantly. Prepay by Pay Pal on our A2S or prepay by bank transfer Pay Later by credit card, debit card, prepaid card on the spot upon car pick up. Pay Later in cash on the spot upon car pick up.
Can I pay in cash?
Cash payments accepted. Please note that if a deposit is required, prepaid cards and virtual cards are not accepted.
Do I need to have a credit card?
Credit card is not necessary. Apart from specific types of cars like: Hybrid, SUV, Vans.
Can I pay by prepaid or debit card?
Car hire can be paid by debit card or prepaid card.
Can I pay through pay pal?
Car rental can be paid by Pay Pal to our Pay Pal account: least one day before car pick up.
When I book a car do I have to pay a deposit?
A2S will not request any deposit or credit card to confirm your booking. Upon your booking you will receive instantly a confirmation followed by an email from our representatives explaining how we are going to meet and pick up the rented vehicle.
Are there any extra charges you might ask me to pay, other than that shown on my reservation? Taxes are included.?
There are no extra charges you will need to pay. The total amount shown on your voucher includes all taxes, VAT of 24% and services. Also, if there is an Excess involved in your reservation, then you will be requested for an equivalent deposit through cash or credit/debit card preauthorization.
When I book do I need to have my voucher with me?
The voucher you will be sent is for your use only. It is not obligatory to show your voucher at car pick up, as our employee that will meet you and will have a copy of your details.
Can I rent a car with a copy/photocopy of my driver's license?
Unfortunately, by Greek Law it is forbidden to rent a car without the physical appearance of your driver’s License.
When can I cancel my booking?
As we do not request a deposit or credit card to confirm and reserve the car you have selected, we rely on your courtesy to inform us of your cancellation as soon as possible.
I'm 21 years old. Can I rent a car from your company?
If you are 21 years old you are allowed to rent specific car types like category MINI, SUPER MINI, OPEN TOP, ECONOMY and COMPACT. It is also a prerequisite to own a valid drivers license for at least 3 years. In order for you to see all the options available you can select from the filters, cars “For young Drivers”. Also a credit/debit card will be requested to be pre-authorized or a specific amount as a deposit according to the car type.
How can I find you at the airport?
A member of our staff will be waiting for you outside the arrivals gate holding an A2S sign. Just look out for the A2S name tag and you will find us.
Can I ask you to bring the car at my hotel/apartment or other specific location?
A2S delivers and collects from any location in Corfu island. If you are staying in a hotel or apartment complex, just advice us with the name, and should you be staying in an apartment or house not registered on Google maps, gps coordinates will be enough for us to find you. We offer free delivery and collection to any area, hotel, apartment, store etc., in a radius of 15 kilometers from Corfu Town. For greater distances there is an extra charge according to the distance from Corfu Town.
I'm staying in the far North of the island (Acharavi/Roda/Sidari/Kassiopi/Agios Georgios Pagi) or the far South of the island (Lefkimmi/Agios Georgios/Argyrades), how can I evade the extra fee you charge?
A2S has 2 offices in Corfu. One is at Perama 6km southbound Corfu Town at Anita Hotel, and the main office is at Corfu in a very close distance to the Green Bus Terminal and the Airport. If you are staying in the south part of the island, you can pick up a green bus and stop at Anita Hotel. The bus stops, just 20 meters from the hotel’s entrance. If you are staying in the north part of the island you can pick up a green bus and meet us at the green bus terminal in Corfu Town. To check the green buses schedule, you can visit the site:
Are all of your cars manuals?
The majority of the cars are with a manual gear box, except categories that are described as category Automatics.
Are all of your cars diesel or petrol (benzine/gasoline)?
Most of our cars run on benzine. Some of the large category cars run on Diesel. The type of fuel is indicated on every car type on our online system.
Do all of your cars have air condition?
All of our cars are with air condition or clima.
Can I book a specific car?
Should you wish to book for a specific car and not a similar one send us your request on our email account at:, if you book online write your request on the notes section and we will do our best to satisfy your request.
Can I rent a car from you and go to the mainland?
Should you wish to drive the car on the mainland of Greece you need to have advance preauthorization from A2S Car Rental. There is also a fixed amount of 75€ that will be charged extra for any car type as a mainland fee.
Can I rent a car from you and go to Albania?
Cars of A2S are not allowed to travel outside Greece. No borders crossing.
What is excess?
Excess or Deductible is a renter’s financial liability that can be charged in the unlucky event of car theft or damage to the rented vehicle.
What is CDW?
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) Covers the renter’s liability for damages to the rented vehicle - under the condition that the damage is not due to infringement of Road Circulation Code, with a deductible amount.
What is SCWD?
Super Collision Damage Waiver is an optional extra insurance that can be selected and purchased and will reduce the renters Liability in a certain amount of Excess according to the car type.
If I have my own insurance am I covered? What should I do in case of an accident?
If you have your own insurance through your credit card, you have to make sure to use the particular credit card for the car hire payment. In the unlucky event of a collision, there should be a file report of the accident or Police report and you have to request an invoice from our company. With the accident report and the invoice, you will be able to file your claim for reimbursement of costs from your card issuer.
Can I drive off road?
When you rent a car from A2S you are requested to drive only on asphalt paved roads. Therefore, if damages or accidents occur when driving off road, you will be liable for the total amount of damage.
In case of an accident/collision what should I do?
In the case of any type of collision, even when there are no car damages or injuries, your responsibility is to: a) remain at the area where the collision took place and b) contact us immediately so we can assess the situation and advise you properly. Contact A2S car rental office, on our emergency 24/7 mobile number: (+30) 6976498282 or our standard line (+30) 2661023700. If there are damages Police must be called to file a report of the incident and we will send our insurance expert.
What do I have to do if my car breaks down?
If your car breaks down contact us on our standard lines at: (+30) 26610 23700 or (+30) 26610 33146 or on our 24/7 emergency mobile number: (+30) 6976498282. If we need to withdraw the vehicle for recovery, then we will replace your car, with an equivalent or better on the spot.
If my car breaks down and I do not know where I am what should I do?
Check through your gps or google maps on your mobile device for your location coordinates and send it to us through whatsapp or viber application, or sms on our mobile number: (+30) 6976498282. This way, we will be able to trace your location and come over there.
If I got hit by an other car and they flee, what should I do?
In the unlucky event of being hit by another car and they leave, you are responsible of: a) remaining at the site, b) write down or get a picture of the other vehicle’s number plates, and c) contact us immediately so that we can call the police. A report should be filed in and sent to our Insurance company.
If I have parked my car and someone else has damaged it and left, do I have to pay for the damage?
If you were able to have a photo of the number plates of the car or have it in written then A2S can call the police and file the appropriate report and lawsuit to cover the damages. If the damage happened when you were away of the rented vehicle, and you were not able to get their number plates, then you will be responsible for the damages. Generally you are responsible to park the rented car properly, in designated parking areas and under the local traffic law.
If I return the car earlier, do I get money back?
Car hire is paid on car pick up and in the event of returning the car earlier it is not possible to get a refund. The reason is that we usually work fully booked and the car most probably will remain unrented. Another reason is that the rate per day is relevant to the rental days. The more rental days the lower the daily rate gets.
If I return the car with more fuel than I picked it up with, do I get a refund?
Fuel level will be marked upon your agreement at pick and your responsibility is to return the car back with the same level of fuel. There is no refund for the extra fuel. Car hire company cannot buy fuel from the renter and cannot claim client's expenses for fuel.
If I return the car with less fuel than I picked it up with, what should I be charged with?
If you happen to return the car with less fuel, then our employee will calculate and charge you with the current amount per liter difference of fuel plus a refueling charge of 25 euros.
If I get a ticket from the police, or a parking ticket, what should I do?
In the event of receiving a parking ticket or any Police ticket, you need to contact A2S car hire immediately. Fines/Tickets that remain unpaid, follow the company’s car, resulting in loss of income, or even number plates to be confiscated by the Police. Fines/Tickets have to be paid asap at the Police station which is on the city center, on the side of the municipality Theatre on the Stamatiou Thesilla street.
What happens if I lose the car key?
If you lose your car key, please contact A2S car hire as soon at our standard lines: (+30) 26610 23700 or (+30) 26610 33146 or on our 24/7 emergency mobile number: (+30) 6976498282. We will send there an employee with a second key as soon as possible, so that you will be able to continue with your ride. Please be aware that to issue a new key from the car dealership the cost is rather high. You need to calculate an amount of €100 to €250 approximately that you will be charged for the key replacement. Also, a small fee will be added on your expense for reaching you where you are, that will cover our expenses for the employee and the fuel consumption.
Do I have to wash the car before I return it?
Clients of A2S car hire do not need to wash the car on return. A2S has its own car wash to prepare the vehicles for the next renter. Normal wear and dirt is accepted. But if the car interior is exceptionally dirty upon return, then extra charges of 50up to 150 euros will apply for deep cleaning. A2S has a non smoking policy for all vehicle types. Animals are aloowed only if contained in a kennel.
If I need to extend my rental, what should I do?
If renter wishes to prolong the rental period of the vehicle, he has to notify our local office at least one day earlier. Please note that it may not always be possible to extend the car hire.
Do you have seats for infants?
If you are accompanied by an infant, baby or child, you have the choice of a baby seat or booster seat for toddlers and up to 12 years old child. For very young babies up to nine months old, please choose a baby seat from the options menu and request for an infant seat at the notes section. A2S car hire is retaining the lowest rates for car child seats in the local car rental market.
Do I have free kilometers?
Our unlimited free kilometers policy is set from 3 or more days of car hire. One day rentals have 100 kilometers free and two days rental have 220 kilometers free. Extra charges per kilometer will apply for Excess kilometers according to the car type.
How many days do you think I need the car to drive around Corfu and see most of it?
Corfu is a rather big island with a very dense road system and distances of 120 kilometers from the North to the South and about 30 kilometers of width. There are approximately 140,000 inhabitants and the thing that it makes our island unique is the diversity of nature, of the coastline and beaches, and the architecture of our picturesque villages. Inspired from Corfu lush green and rich nature and the hospitality of the locals, the famous Durrells family went on to tell the world about this island. Lawrence Durrell published the “Prospero’s Cell” and Gerald Durrell wrote the very popular “my family and other Animals” all based on their living experience in Corfu. One might say that we are being subjective, but we think we are objective when we say that we live in perhaps the most beautiful island in the world with the most hospitable people. To conclude, we have calculated that somebody needs at least 5 days to drive around Corfu in all directions, to finally say that I almost went everywhere.
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